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      ortp: disable SO_REUSEADDR + SO_REUSEPORT · 54c919ec
      Harald Welte authored
      ortp >= 0.24.0 doesn't differentiate between SO_REUSEADDR and
      SO_REUSEPORT, and has both enabled by default.  The latter means that
      we can end up with non-unique port bindings as we will not fail to
      bind the same port twice.
      This should have caused visible problems not only when operating multiple
      osmo-bts on one machine (rare), but also with a single osmo-bts. Once the range
      (default 16384-17407 ) wraps, there is a risk of new sockets (for new cals)
      colliding with old ones. As two ports (RTP+RTCP) are used per call, this means
      every 512 voice calls we expect the BTS to wrap. And from that point onwards
      there's a risk of overlapping with previously allocated sockets.
      Change-Id: I4fc9eee561c7958c70c63b4ffdc6cb700b795e28
      Closes: OS#4444
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      Add rtp_test to show the double-bind bug of OS#4444 · 9104597d
      Harald Welte authored
      Change-Id: I6742e5504cfb827031031e4d8d49a616ab203a94
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      dahdi: Use ioctl(DAHDI_SPECIFY) instead of legacy /dev/dahdi/%u · 7c1c8cc7
      Harald Welte authored
      It appears that opening "/dev/dahdi/channel" and using
      ioctl(DAHDI_SPECIFY) is possible at least since dahdi 2.4 (from 2010),
      and opening "/dev/dahdi/%u" has been deprecated ever since.  One
      advantage of the new interface is that you can use channel numbers
      larger than 250, which is quite easily possible if you have more than
      eight E1 lines on a system.  It also makes libosmo-abis work on systems
      where there are no udev rules for creating the legacy device nodes.
      Change-Id: Id6c8f27d7ae948b50e9cf5a38f039d782ff78e1d